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Meditation with Georgia

About twelve years ago, I learned to meditate from my mother, a Yoga teacher who taught me that whatever allowed me to enter into the place of just being, was my meditation. Since then I have had a daily practice which has been informed by both my education in the arts and my studies in neuroscience and psychology. My own deep transformation and awakening through trauma healing has also inspired my spiritual practice and my method of facilitation. 


I began facilitating meditation during my graduate studies at U of T, co-leading a meditation and writing group. I now lead individual and group meditations in my home studio and online.


In my experience, the fundamental basis for all meditation is working with one’s attention, so this is what I focus on. The core of my coaching is geared towards recovering wholeness through spiritual connection, but it is not divorced from the tangible issues of mental health and embodiment. I hope to help you on your own path towards awakening and healing.  

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Georgia is a wonderful, kind, gentle, and wise meditation teacher. Their meditation class always brings me peace, joy, light and wisdom. I can't recommend them enough. Join them and see how your life is going to change for good.

 - Marta Solek, Orillia

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