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Sculpting sounds and stories inspired by the wisdom of wildness, 

Traversing Turtle Island in a Blue Bus,

Continually uncovering inner harmony.

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Latest Release - 'Night Dancer' Single and Video

"Not to be missed..."
-Lou Hayden, Sudbury Folk Trad


Shape of my Feet Georgia Hathaway
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About Georgia (they / them)

I am a musician, songwriter, teacher, and multidisciplinary artist living in a schoolbus. I am deeply inspired by nature, and much of my songwriting stems from my connection to the wild places of Canada. My artistic practice is influenced by my personal journey of healing from trauma and my decade-long meditation practice.


My interest in the inner workings of the mind led me to initially pursue a degree in neurobiology and a Master's in Psychology. From there my path turned to music, and I began studying and playing with many global roots communities here and abroad. Recently I have come out as queer, trans, disabled, and neurodiverse, which has also inspired my creative practice and the way I engage with the world. I teach violin and fiddle and facilitate meditation sessions both online, and wherever I am able to travel to in my bus! 



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The Land I Live On

Here and now, I recognize that the land under my two feet is the unceded territory of Turtle Island, known today as Canada. For thousands of years and still today, it is home to many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people.

I acknowledge that I am a descendent of settlers who colonized this land and attempted to wipe out or assimilate all indigenous peoples here. I support the efforts of indigenous land defence, sovereignty, and self-determination, as well as indigenous leadership on reversing climate change. I hope to contribute to relearning indigenous history and decolonizing our way of life here and around the world.

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