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Press Quotes

"Goosebump-inducing."        - Lea Kirstein, Citizen Jane

"Fantastic artistic work."        - The Manitoulin Expositor

"...not to be missed...their music creates an otherworldly experience that will transport you.."                                                         - Lou Hayden, Sudbury Folk Trad

"Georgia creates fully-rounded songs from heard fragments of language, flashes of sound, experiences of place. Their songs are fluid, shimmering treasures."

                                                   - Susan Snelling, 4elements Living Arts



Inspired by the wild places, both inner and outer, Georgia's meditative, blues-y folk songs are at once intimate and expansive. Georgia invites you into their world of organic expressions, weaving animal calls, nonsense syllables, and evocative lyrics. Combining delicate vocals with rootsy resonator dobro, picked guitar, and fiddle, they create a unique sound that is both haunting and joyful. Through musings on mushrooms, butterflies, and the shape of feet, their music speaks about personal transformation, life, death and rebirth, and living for the moment. Over the past year, they have joined up with musicians Kathryn Merriam, Tristan Murphy, and Elena Spanu to create "The Wilderness Inside."


Georgia began writing songs when a series of concussions and post-traumatic stress led them to seek solace in the resiliency and rejuvenating power of nature. They have continued to be inspired by the human stories and natural landscapes of particular places, and connecting those places to their personal journey and universal themes. Their love of blues and resonator-style guitars led them to build a dobro in 2018, finished with the help of Toronto-based guitar maker Allastair Miller, and they write songs specifically for this homemade resonator in the folk and blues styles. Their first single, “Shape of my Feet,” was released in 2020 and featured on CFRC’s ‘Folk Everything’ Radio Show.


In 2022, Georgia was the official Artist-in-Residence at the 4elements Living Arts Mobile Studio on Manitoulin Island. They have performed at the 4elements Living Arts Elemental Festival and toured BC in July 2023, including performances at Notional Space (Vancouver) and Cranberry Hall (Powell River). In addition to folk and blues, they have ventured into indie-pop territory with their most recent single and video, “Night Dancer.” They have released a self-titled EP and are currently recording a FACTOR-funded album of material from their Artist Residency. 

Performance Highlights

Aug 11, 2023 - Kagawong Concerts, Kagawong, Manitoulin Island

July 29, 2023 - Cranberry Hall, Powell River, BC

July 23, 2023 - Notional Space, Vancouver, BC

Oct 23, 2022 - Pop-Up Performance, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

Oct 2, 2022 - 4e Elemental Festival, Kagawong, Manitoulin Island

Sept 1, 2022 - Final Residency Concert, Old Church on the Hill, Kagawong, Manitoulin Island

Aug 20, 2022 - Body Stories Dance, Little Current, Manitoulin Island

March 19, 2020 - Music for Climate Justice 5, Facebook Livestream

Feb 21, 2019 - The Lauren Barnett Free-for-All, The Tranzac Club, Toronto

Jan 18, 2019 - Artery Winter Blues Showcase, Great Escape Bookstore, Toronto


Shape of my Feet Georgia Hathaway
00:00 / 04:18
The CallGeorgia Hathaway
00:00 / 02:49
Mourning Cloak Blues Georgia Hathaway
00:00 / 04:09
Pretty Little ShoesGeorgia Hathaway
00:00 / 04:18
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