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Blue Bird

It's a bus!

In the hush of twilight, a blue bus unfolds,

Georgia's vessel of stories, a tale yet untold.

Twenty feet of dreams in an azure sheen,

A sanctuary on wheels, a world in between.


No excess tales, just joy's soft hum,

As wheels turn and stories become one.

In this rolling abode, so snug and neat,

Kala's royal chariot, a purrfect seat.


Through landscapes unknown, time gently weaved,

For many a month, the bus was conceived,

Now time to fly, our sweet baby Blue, 

Join us in celebrating this life so new!


When I first found out I was going to have a bus of my own, I was ecstatic. This was a huge life decision and I finally felt ready to take the leap. Many people tell you what it's like, but you never really know until it happens to you. I know it's going to be a challenge but I am up for it. Now, I'm so thrilled to be sharing this new gift of life with you. Join me on social media at @theferalfiddler as Blue Bird makes their first steps out into the great wide world! 


Join me in celebrating Baby Blue Bird!

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